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Buddy’s Crab House and Oyster Bar

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Buddy’s Crab House and Oyster Bar



Buddy’s Crab House and Oyster Bar is one one those places that just looks like a good time waiting to happen. Being smack dab on the beach helps and the fact that they have dollar bills pinned haphazardly up and down the walls established the mood instantly.

Amber and I walked in and sat on the outside deck. The views were exactly what I was looking for with a casual beach restaurant and the menu didn’t disappoint:

We ordered two margaritas to start out with. The margaritas were good, but they fell victim to tourist price syndrome. $7 margaritas in plastic cups are overpriced if you ask me, but paying for beach front real estate isn’t cheap either to their defense.

When I visit a beach location I immediately start building up the salivating urge for oysters on the half shell. I prefer them raw, but steamed will do. Well, Buddy’s had my steamed oysters so they scored oyster points right off the bat. I ordered 12 steamed oysters and Amber got the chicken strips (she’s not a huge seafood fan). Here is what the steamed oysters look like:

These are the chicken strips:

My oysters came out shrived up, (which is the down side of steamed oysters) but they left the whole shell on which made me feel like I was shucking my own oysters. I had butter, horseradish, and hot sauce to slurp down with each half shell.

They were delicious. Here is another random picture of me eating them:

Amber enjoyed her chicken strips while I finished that last few oysters. I had two margaritas and was presented the check without the option of ordering more. I hate to be nit picky, but that is one of my pet peeves when a waitress presents a check before asking if you need anything else. They lost a few more margaritas and possibly more oysters.

I pulled out the AMEX (American Express) card and waited for her to collect. We waited about 15 minutes for her to return. She seemed to be the bartender and the outdoor deck waitress which was much more than should have been dumped onto her. It was off season but still…they are a restaurant full season. Long story short, she finally came and they don’t take AMEX (American Express) cards. They should consider it.

I’m torn about this place. They have a decent seafood menu and amazing views. The service was something to be desired (only when they got busy) and the prices were tourist restaurant high, but the overall feel of the place was just right. I’ll give them another shot as I see potential. Plus, there are only so many places right on the beach that provide views like the ones you get here. Check out Buddy’s Crab House and Oyster Bar’s website here. Next time I’ll try their crab or shrimp…. or clam basket. Ok, I’ll be back.

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