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Gallagher’s Bar and Grill

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Gallagher’s Bar and Grill



Gallagher's Entrance

I recently visited Gallagher’s Bar and Grill in Surf City, NC/ Topsail Beach, NC. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem tucked away amongst the usual tourist-catering, not give-a-crap, establishments.

As I approached the restaurant, I was wary that this place was a dying no mans land tucked away in a commercial retail complex. I was gladly proven wrong. The inside was bright and inviting with a couple of people enjoying the bar and a group of people sitting at tables. The first thing to strike me was how modern the decor was and how well the bar was organized into the restaurant.
Amber and I took a seat at the bar and we were immediately greeted by a friendly, conversational bartender. This is what the bar looked like:

Gallagher's Bar

We settled right in after an exhausting search to find a buzz worthy establishment and ordered two margaritas. The bartender informed us that she was low on lime margarita mixer, but there was just enough to make about 3 drinks and someone was on their was to replenish their stock. She made our drinks and warned us that they could be a little on the strong side. They were perfect:


I ordered one more margarita and then switched up the scene with a delicious dirty martini:


The afternoon ticked away into early evening and I asked to see a menu. (They did offer me a menu earlier but I asked to see it later). I was immediately impressed by their diverse food options from appetizers to entrees. They have a classy menu that feels similar to an Outback Steakhouse menu which is a vast difference from other restaurants in the area. I chose the crab cakes and baked potato which came with a salad and a tasty relish mustard sauce for crab cake dipping.

Amber was in the mood for finger food so she chose the loaded nachos….only, she wanted simply nachos and cheese so they accommodated her with un-loaded nachos. The house salad was fresh and delicious. I’m picky with salads and this one scored high marks:

Salad and nachos

I loved the presentation of my entree and others that I peeped a look at.

The crab cakes were moist, meaty, and full of flavor, while the mustard sauce added another depth of flavor to an already tasty crab cake. My baked potato was cooked to perfection and lightly salted with butter and sour cream:

Crab Cakes

As the evening drew to an end, I entered into a lively football conversation with two guys who were busting the bartender’s “balls” about her favorite football team. They were locals and labeled the “entertainment of the bar”. You’ll know them if you see them.

All good things must come to an end so we got our check and headed out. My last words were, “Great food, keep it up and I’ll see you next year”. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be back next year, but Gallagher’s Bar and Grill will be my one of my top choices as a dining option if I revisit Topsail Island, NC.

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I'm Justin: food blogger and coffee addict. I live in Southern Ohio, cooking up great food and adventures.

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