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Making a fondant sock monkey cake topper

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Making a fondant sock monkey cake topper



sock monkey arms

Amber is planning a sock monkey first birthday party for her little one and the cake shop said they couldn’t make a sock monkey cake topper. Looking online to purchase one, sock monkey cake toppers were either too small or cost $90. I started thinking how I could help out and jokingly said, “I’ll make one”.

Well, I ended up making one. To set the scene, you have to understand that I didn’t even know what cake shops made their sculptures out of. I did a Google search and discovered fondant. Then I did another Google search on making fondant. After that, I performed a YouTube search on making a fondant sock monkey and sure enough, there it was. Technology is awesome.

making fondant

Yes, I’m making fondant in my pajamas at midnight. I melted one pound of jet puffed marshmallows in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of water. Then, without greasing my hands, I jumped in and started to kneed the melted marshmallows into powdered sugar. As you can see, I about glued my hands together. (Note: grease your hands before handling melted marshmallow)

fondant ball

After about thirty minutes of kneading melted marshmallows into powdered sugar, you get a clay like ball of fondant. I used about a pound of powdered sugar, give or take.

coloring fondant

The next task is to color your fondant. I needed white, red, and brown for my sock monkey. They also said to use black for the eyeballs, but I didn’t want to go through all that mixing just for two little black dots. I used white dots instead. It took a lot more work than I thought to knead color into the fondant. I’ll give props to the people who do this professionally.


Once the colors are all set, its time to start sculpting a sock monkey.

sock monkey arms

I rolled out the legs and attached white fondant balls for the feet. Then I flattened the other ends of the legs and plopped a cylindrical ball on top of them to represent the body. I also have a couple of arms that I’m forming in much of the same way I did the legs.

sock monkey head

After attaching the arms, with dried spaghetti noodle supports stuck into the body, I began forming the head. I rolled a barrel like ball of brown fondant and then cut a ball of white in half to stick on top of the head as the hat. I cut another small white ball in half for the snout. The most difficult part was forming the tiny red mouth. You have to roll it as this as possible and then cut each end to resemble a sock monkey mouth. The fondant is sticky and this step is tricky!

sock monkey final

I finally attached the head with more internal spaghetti support. The ears could be added with the head on or off, it doesn’t matter. Roll two small brown balls and make an indention in the center to resemble the ear. They stick on pretty easily. The final step is adding eyeballs and the red hair on top of his white hat. Make two tiny white balls for the eyes and extremely thin red strands for the hair. I used a spaghetti noodle to help me poke the hair strands into place.

The sock monkey turned out decent for my first fondant creation considering that the day before I didn’t know what fondant was.


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I gotta give you kudos on this sock monkey fondant sculpture. Pretty awesome for a first time creation. I do cakes for fun, and these days not very often but I just started working with fondant about 6 years ago. You can follow the same recipe, same steps and yet always get a different consistency. Anyway great job!

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