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Valentine’s Day and a feast

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Valentine’s Day and a feast



Valentine's Table

Valentine’s Day is one of the more social dynamic “holidays”, being that you either love it, hate it, don’t care about it, or don’t recognize it.

So what is Valentine’s Day?

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a psychological awareness day. Its a day in which makes one more aware of how they feel, not that they are ignorant of how they feel, but rather that Valentine’s Day thrusts those feelings into the social spotlight. For one day, or the whole month leading up to, you are highly tuned into your own feelings creating the social phenomenon of Valentine’s Day.

I took it as an opportunity to make a feast, showing my affection through a carefully planned, romantic dinner. Guys who cook score points right? I love to cook anyway, but to me, there’s nothing I’d rather do than to sit down with the one I love and enjoy a home cooked meal.

Valentine's Dinner

I served grilled rib eye steak, oven roasted potatoes with salsa verde, stuffed mushrooms, and sated green beans with garlic and tomato. The drink of choice was my take on Sgroppino (an Italian cocktail) adapted from Giada De Laurentiis’s recipe.

Recipe: Sgroppino (an Italian cocktail)

Sparkling white wine
1 tablespoon of sherbert

Everything was right on plan to have the feast done in time for when Amber got off work. I wanted to have dinner on the table when she got home and surprise her. I failed.. I was about 35 minutes late. As a side note, the stuffed mushrooms are slightly time intensive when prepping. In the end, it was still a great Valentine’s Day and the food was amazing. I was pleasantly more in tune with my feelings and belly.

Dinner for two

How was your Valentine’s Day or Hallmark Holiday?

Recipe- Rib eye steak grilled

One nicely marbled inch and a half thick Rib eye steak.

Liberally salt and pepper both sides. Grill in medium heat with lid closed for 7 minutes per side for medium rare. Let the steak rest for 10 minutes after grilling and then slice against the grain into half inch strips.

Recipe- Stuffed muschrooms (From CDKitchen)

12 fresh mushrooms
1 can (6 ounce size) clams (drained and finely minced)
1/4 cup clam juice for stuffing
1 green onion, chopped finely
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon melted butter, cooled
1 teaspoon oregano leaves
1/2 cup Italian style bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
2 tablespoons finely grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon finely grated Romano cheese
2 tablespoons finely grated Mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup finely grated Mozzarella cheese for garnish
freshly chopped parsley, for garnish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Clean mushrooms with a damp towel and remove the stems. Mix together in a bowl the clams, green onions, garlic salt, minced garlic, butter, oregano, Italian bread crumbs, egg, Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Romano cheese, and clam juice. Stuff the mushroom caps liberally and place in an oiled baking dish. Baked for 40 minutes. Remove and add more Mozzarella cheese. Place in oven to melt the cheese, about 5 minutes. Garnish with chopped parsley and serve.

Recipe- Green beans with garlic and tomatoes (From Debi Mazar and Gabriele)

About a pound of green beans, ends removed.
1 pint of cherry tomatoes, halved
3 cloves of chopped garlic
3 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Saute garlic until golden. Add the halved cherry tomatoes and cook until slightly rendered. About 5 minutes. Then reduce the heat to low and add the green beans and cook for about 10 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.

Recipe- Roasted potatoes with salsa verde

4 Russet Potatoes, peeled and cubed
3 sprigs of rosemary
4 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Add the potatoes, olive oil, and rosemary to an oven proof skillet and saute until the outsides of the potatoes are golden. Cover pan with foil and put int he oven for about 40 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste and top with salsa verde when serving.


I'm Justin: food blogger and coffee addict. I live in Southern Ohio, cooking up great food and adventures.

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I love chilled green bean salad with Zesty Italian dressing. It’s easy….
French Style green beans (canned or frozen) I use 2 cans drained
Sliced Onions (we use Vidalia down here in Georgia they are sweet yellow onions) 1 small
2 Ripe Tomatoes cut into wedges
Pour a generous amount of dressing over and marinate for at least an hour
It makes a great side dish for when it’s really hot out side, for meats like grilled pork steaks… enjoy.

That sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing! I’ll try it this summer when I’m grilling on one of those hot days.

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